10 17 2014

I’ll be speaking Monday, October 20 at the SoHo Apple Store as part of the Art Director’s Club’s ongoing “Apple Store Live” series. I’ll be sharing some work, learnings and insights into my process, as well as some thoughts about where this whole “design” thing is headed in the branding world. It’s free, so come say hi! More info

07 31 2014

This week I sat down with Adam Martin of the Makers of Sport podcast series for a chat about my career and the impact of design on the business of sports. Give it a listen here.

05 19 2014

Today the Charlotte Bobcats have officially changed their name back to the Hornets. Very excited to see the primary logo I helped bring to life finally become a part of basketball’s visual heritage. It’s a childhood dream come true for me. Big congrats to Brand Jordan, Rare Design and Hornets fans everywhere for what hopefully is a great new chapter for the franchise. link

02 01 2014

Beginning today, I am now the Design Director of Innovation at the New York office of Interbrand, focused on expanding the agency’s creative processes, service offerings and design thinking capabilities. This is a move I’ve been wanting to make for some time, expanding my role from a focus on identity design to broader design thinking and industry thought leadership, and I can not wait to get started.

01 29 2014

Thrilled to announce that I’ve been included in Fast Company magazine’s list of the 1,000 Most Creative People in Business, a compilation of members of previous MCP classes. Complete with a dedicated page on the Fast Company homepage: link


Team USA basketball uniforms

Branding, uniform and typographic design for Hyper Elite basketball uniforms, worn by Team USA and other Nike Federations in international competition since the 2012 London Olympics. Working with the Creative Director of Nike Basketball apparel, we established a design vision for the uniform wherein a single neutral body color is visible while a player is inactive, with a flash of pop color revealed during a defensive stance, dunk or jump shot — inspired by the defensive behaviors of certain wild fish and birds.

The USA chest badge logo, constructed using the 26 degree chevron from Nike heritage, is meant to be wildly different than anything ever seen on a USA uniform before. Its upward movement references high-flying athleticism, and its composition is meant to evoke the badging of super hero costumes. The uniform is blocked in various 26 degree angles, which also inform the custom typeface, developed in three weights and a full character set for international uniforms.

Ryan Aanderud, CD
Heather Amuny-Dey, CD
Darrin Crescenzi, uniform design, typography, branding
Eric Duvauchelle, uniform design
Nike GPS team, uniform design
Esther Chang, typography
Nike Basketball brand design, athlete photography

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